The “Aéroport de Neuchâtel SA” (ANSA) en brief

Reception and administration
Reception Mrs Michèle DUCOMMUN and several auxiliary employees
Administration Mrs Michèle DUCOMMUN

Board of directors;

Président Mr Pierre-Henri DUBOIS
Vice-Président Mr François THORENS
Amanuensis M. Jean-Pascal GUINAND
Member Mr Arsène GIGON
Member Mr Sébastien MERILLAT
Member, repr. the city of Neuchâtel Mrs Christine GAILLARD
Member, repr. the town of Milvignes Mrs Josette SCHAER
Member, repr. the town of Cortaillod Mr Christian MAMIN
Member, repr. the town of Boudry Mr Jean-Pierre LEUENBERGER


The operation of Neuchâtel SA Airport is provided by a few part-time employees (secretary), many volunteers (including Board of Directors), as well as a few companies authorized.